A Word From Our Founder

A Word From Our Founder

Over the past year, our team has been hard at work in the kitchen working on our new refrigerated protein bars. Our founder Mike Clay is here to tell you why he’s excited to introduce you to his latest creation.

Welcome to the all-new Best Bar Ever website, where you can now purchase our new refrigerated protein bars! We are excited to be back with all new flavors, and some new spins on a few of our old recipes. Here on the blog, we will talk about the things we are most passionate about - making bars and seeing if you think they live up to the name.

To all our past customers, I am excited to welcome you back! I appreciate your patience as I was hard at work in the kitchen this past year working on our new refrigerated protein bars.

If you are new to Best Bar Ever, I’d like to start things off by being honest about a couple of things. We believe that the best bars are refrigerated bars. Why? It’s really simple. Many of the problems people have with bars – the chalky, horrible textures, nasty tastes, and hard to pronounce ingredients – they are all because companies want to make bars that are shelf stable. We play by a different set of rules. We want to solve those problems and figured out the easiest way to do that was by making a bar that was perishable. Think about it. If we want it to taste and be like food, it should be made like food and actually stored like food. We are obsessed with making bars that you actually enjoy eating while still feeling good about.

For the past year, we’ve been in the kitchen thinking about how to make bars that live up to our brand name. After all, it is and will only be the best if you, our customers, say it is. This isn’t a marketing gimmick. Our customers were the ones that named our brand, and our brand name is something that we have to earn with every bar that we make and every bite you take.

From the time I made the first bar in my home kitchen eight years ago to now, I’ve always thought of Best Bar Ever as a journey, not a destination. We have to constantly try to do things better. Our best today should not be our best tomorrow. There are so many things to learn, so many new ingredients available, and so many problems with traditional protein bars to solve. With our relaunch of Best Bar Ever, we have taken our old refrigerated bar recipes and tried to answer the question, “What would make these recipes better?”. I wanted better protein sources, better textures, better real food fiber sources, and more balanced flavors combined with fewer calories than our previous refrigerated protein bars. Most importantly, I want to make no compromises to get there. I know that we’ve done that, but I need you to confirm it. This is just as much your brand as it is my brand.

We completely rethought refrigerated bars and relaunched with three new flavors – Blueberry Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate Almond Cashew, and Vanilla Fruit & Nut. We offer free shipping on your first order, and from there, you can get free shipping on all orders of three boxes or more (all orders ship refrigerated by the way). In June, we will be launching Chocolate Peanut Butter (a much-improved version of one of our old flavors) as well as a Variety Pack, which will have a mix of all four flavors. Shortly after that, our bar club/subscription program will be back.

With all this said, I’ve got one question. Do we live up to the name? I want to know. This is an open invitation to share with me directly all the things you like, don’t like, and wish a protein bar company would do differently. Here is my personal email – mike@bestbarever.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

-Mike Clay, Founder of Best Bar Ever