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8 Creative Ways to Eat the Best Bar Ever

Written by contributor Matt Weik

I have come up with some amazingly delicious ways for you to enjoy the Best Bar Ever other than unwrapping it from the packaging and eating it. Below are some mouth-watering creative ways for you to eat your bars.

1. Topping for your sugar-free ice cream

Think of all those delicious toppings you can put on ice cream. My mouth is salivating just thinking about them all. Yet, what do they all have in common? They aren’t exactly nutritionally-friendly. Most are loaded with a bunch of junk and added sugars and artificial ingredients that don’t align with my goals. Chocolate sauce, caramel, cherries, sprinkles, and whipped cream. No, worries! I have you covered.

Simply take one of your favorite flavors of the Best Bar Ever, crumble it up into little pieces, and toss it on top of your favorite sugar-free ice cream or frozen dessert of choice. Now you can enjoy an ice-cold treat with some added protein and healthy macronutrients without feeling guilty.

2. Protein-pack your Greek yogurt

Just like what I mentioned above, you can spruce up your Greek yogurt as well. The variety I always recommend is the plain Greek yogurt due to saving some calories by not having a flavored version or one that contains fruit. But we both know plain is well… plain. It’s boring! Not when you crumble up a Best Bar Ever though.

Dumping in the pieces of your favorite bar will add some flavor and texture to your Greek yogurt and may cause you to scrape your bowl in an effort to get every last drop.

3. Crumble it into your cottage cheese

Again, thinking about the various ways to use the Best Bar Ever as a topping, why not put it in another healthy item to jazz it up a little? If you’re a fan of cottage cheese, you may easily get sick of eating it plain. That’s why many people toss in fruit, sugar-free jelly, or something similar. What if you took an already great protein source and further improved the profile?

Putting the pieces of a Best Bar Ever into your cottage cheese can increase the protein considerably and provide you with a protein-packed snack option whenever needed. Regardless if you’re using it between meals or as a bed-time snack thanks to the casein content in the cottage cheese, you’re bound to love this creative way to use your favorite bars..

4. Microwave the bar for a few seconds

Looking to soften up your bar? Toss it in the microwave for a few seconds until it melts slightly. While not changing the taste of the bars, it adds a new dimension to the texture and mouthfeel of the Best Bar Ever. With a little bit of a gooey consistency, it is a nice change from the normal bar you may be used to consuming. Spoiler alert: I’ll also touch on another microwave trick a little further down on the list as well.

5. The best frozen bar ever

Heating up your bar isn’t the only temperature change you can make with the Best Bar Ever. Instead of melting the bar, freeze it. That’s right. Toss some of your bars in the freezer for a yummy frozen treat. If the temperature outside is hot where you live, there’s nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors with a frozen Best Bar Ever treat in hand. Or, if you’re looking for an ice-cold treat but are trying to stay away from ice cream, a frozen Best Bar Ever can fit your active lifestyle and macros perfectly.

6. Melt it in your morning cup of coffee or dip it

Coffee is the most-consumed morning beverage here in the United States. It provides an energy boost from the caffeine along with some health benefits from the antioxidants present in your cup of Joe. The downside is all of the things that people put in their coffee that pretty much negate any health benefits that are naturally occurring in your cup of coffee. People add things like creamer, sugar, artificial ingredients, the list goes on and on. I have a healthier way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and it’s with the Best Bar Ever.

Using your microwave, melt one of your bars and put it in your cup of coffee to add some natural flavor and sweetness to it (along with the health benefits found in the bar itself). Or, if you use something like Almond Milk in your coffee, you can use your Best Bar Ever as a spoon and mix everything up using your bar. Not only will the flavors from the bar help enhance the taste of your coffee but you also have the ability to take the bar when you’re done mixing and dip it in your coffee and eat as a breakfast option. That’s what I call a double-win!

7. Shake up your smoothie by including a bar

If you’re like me, I enjoy a nice smoothie every now and then. Something with a good amount of protein to help with recovery, yet refreshing and can satisfy my sweet tooth. I found a great way to take an ordinary smoothie and further improve both the macronutrient and micronutrient content. All you need to do is break up a Best Bar Ever and toss it into a blender with all of your other ingredients. Then, blend it all up, pour it into a glass and enjoy. Simple yet extremely effective and satisfying.

8. Best Bar cereal

When you think of cereals found in grocery stores, what do you think of? Boxes full of sugar and carbohydrates that serve no real purpose in your diet. But they taste good, right? Unfortunately, for health reasons, most of them belong on the shelf and not in your grocery cart (I need to say that out loud to myself every time I pass by Lucky Charms). With that being said, I have a great alternative to those unhealthy cereal options – the Best Bar Ever!

Take your favorite bar flavor (or two), break it up into pieces, and put it in a bowl. Next, take your liquid of choice (such as Almond Milk for example) and pour it over your crumbled-up bar pieces to make yourself a homemade and healthy Best Bar Ever cereal. Grab yourself a spoon and you’re good to go. FINALLY, a cereal you don’t need to feel bad about eating.

Matt Weik, owner of Weik Fitness, LLC, is a well-respected fitness expert/author with a global following. His work has been featured in nearly 100 fitness magazines, 5,000+ websites, as well as having published numerous books and audiobooks. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist.