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Purchasing Questions

At this time, there are no plans to offer Best Bar Ever online for purchase after March 23rd, on our website or any others. If you would like to find availability locally, click here.
We’ve ended online sales because our product requires cold storage and shipping, and the work that goes into that proved difficult to both deliver a refrigerated product and maintain a great customer experience. For that reason, we have decided to work more closely with our retail partners to ensure that the product can meet our expectations of taste and experience.
At this time, we have no plans to resume online purchasing for Best Bar Ever.
We plan to continue to offer Best Bar Ever through our existing retailers. You can see the full list here.
All purchase subscriptions will be automatically canceled and customers will not continue to be charged. Subscriptions that cycle before the 23rd of the month will be fulfilled for one final order and then canceled. All other subscriptions will be automatically canceled.
Your account information, including credit card info will be removed from file. Some information will remain on file for potential future brand messaging. For more information, contact us here
Wholesale orders can be placed through one of our authorized distribution partners. Please contact us at 1-855-282-0484 for details on placing a wholesale order.
At this time, we are not accepting additional retailers. You may contact us at 1-855-282-0484 if you have further questions.
At this time, the brand is not entering into any new sponsorships, promotions, or partnerships of any kind.

Product Questions

You might think we are crazy naming our bars, “THE BEST BAR EVER®…”

But hear us out...

When we first started making our refrigerated protein bars, we were literally making them by hand in our home kitchen. We didn’t even have a name for our bars! When we gave them out to our friends and family, we just said, “Try our bar, we know you are going to love them!”

We heard over and over, “This is the best bar ever!” It was then that it dawned on us that our customers were actually naming our product! You don’t have to be a marketing genius to listen to your customers. So we went with it, and The Best Bar Ever® name was born. We even include a stylized quote “bubble” in our logo to honor our customers’ exact words. Take a look, you’ll see it, and know, it’s there for a very special reason.

The Best Bar Ever® is and will only be the best if after trying it, you say so.
No, we do not use any added preservatives. The fridge is our not-so-secret preservative!
No, we do not use artificial sweeteners.
No, we do not use artificial flavors. We instead use natural flavors such as vanilla, cherry, and blueberry to enhance our bars' tasty ingredients.
No, Best Bar Ever® products are not vegan as they contain dairy and honey.
For instruction on how to achieve your personal fitness and dieting goals, we recommend that you consult with a healthcare practitioner who knows your medical history and can recommend a diet and exercise regimen to help you meet your goals.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is strongly recommended you consult with your licensed healthcare professional before eating the bars.
Yes, all The Best Bar Ever® products are gluten-free.
Yes, our bars contain nuts. Please refer to the individual product labels for specific details.
No, The Best Bar Ever® products are not dairy-free as we use grass-fed whey protein and milk protein in all of our bars.
The Best Bar Ever® manufacturing facilities do handle other products with wheat, soy, dairy and corn. While The Best Bar Ever® products are produced in a stringent allergen control environment to ensure that there is no cross-contamination in finished goods, we recommend consulting with your doctor first if you have a severe allergy.
It’s real food. It’ll hit you with multiple “notes” of flavor. Your mouth will let your brain know that you are eating the real deal.

Texture. Those are real nuts… Real blueberries... Real cashews… Real almonds… The Best chocolate... it’s a symphony for your taste buds to enjoy. We created this bar for those that close their eyes and savor deliciousness in their mouths.

Nutritionals. 14-15 grams of protein. 4-5 grams of Fiber and 230-250 calories per bar, depending on flavor. If you are looking for a sensible alternative that will satisfy your hunger, look no further than The Best Bar Ever®.
Yes! All Best Bar Ever® products need to be stored refrigerated.
Simple answer - for freshness because our bars are perishable. We want to create a bar like no other. In order to do that, we wanted to use real food ingredients and traditional fresh food techniques which require refrigeration to keep it as fresh as possible. We play by a different set of rules.
We recommend for optimal taste and freshness the bars be consumed within 24 hours of leaving a refrigerator.
Look for the expiration date on your specific bar carton for the expiration date. Do not consume past the expiration date printed on the packaging.
Our products utilize high quality raw materials, the source of which come from all over the world. However, they are manufactured in the United States.
Yes, our products are non-GMO.
Yes, our products use milk protein from grass-fed cows. For more information about our grass fed protein source, click here:

Communication Questions

If you have any question or need help with your account, you may Contact Us to assist you.
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Please visit our Contact Us page to send an email to our customer service team. You will also find our mailing address and 1-800 number on that page.