A lovely friend recently contacted me asking if I would be interested in trying a protein bar from her friend’s company.  Yes, please!! I absolutely love finding new, healthy, and tasty protein bars to add to my diet! I will tell you one thing about this company…they are confident!! With a name like “The Best Bar Ever” it must be good!


After taking a look at the nutritional stats, I was already intrigued.  This bar is made from real food like mixed nuts, cherries & cranberries, honey & molasses, whole oats.  They are nutritionally balanced with a blend of healthy fats, quality carbs, and 15 grams of premium protein. Gluten free too!

Macros: 300 calories 17F 22C 15P


When I received the bars, there was a note telling me to refrigerate them.  At first I though that was odd, but it makes perfect sense! These bars are  made fresh weekly and aren’t loaded with unhealthy preservatives and chemicals just to give them a long shelf life.  Think about it….most bars can sit on the shelves for months, or even years!!! Why? Because they are packed full of preservatives!

img_1947 img_1943

As soon as I unwrapped this bar, I could smell all the awesomeness! I really noticed the honey and cranberry scents. The texture was soft and chewy which I love! It actually kind of reminded me of fruit cake… a high quality, delicious fruit cake! It was sweet, fruity, nutty, and very hearty.  Big pieces of nuts and fruit gave it a great texture.

It kept me full for a long time too, with no sugar crash.  A lot of bars out there taste amazing because they are packed full of sugar…you would probably be better off eating a candy bar! This big bar only contains 11 grams of sugar which comes from natural ingredients.

Of course I wanted to get a little creative with this tasty creation…

img_1948 img_1951

I broke the bar into tiny pieces and baked them at 150 for about 6 minutes.  Teeny Tiny Cookies!


Baking the bar gave it a slight crunch on the outside, but stayed soft and chewy inside.  Great eaten alone or mixed in some greek yogurt!

I definitely give this bar two thumbs up! It tastes great, meets my “healthy” standards, and can be transformed into a super fun snack! These bars are appearing in some stores, but your best bet it to buy them directly from their website.  I will say they are a little pricey at $20.94 for six bars, but ya get what ya pay for.  Plus, these bars are bigger than your average bar and half of one makes a great snack!

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