“What’s the best protein bar?”
“What’s your favorite protein bar?”
“What should I look for in a protein bar?  Most of them are filled with things I can’t pronounce and have a nasty after-taste.”

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about protein bars, I could buy a lifetime supply of protein bars.

Too bad most protein bars aren’t worth eating.  (I’d probably pick a lifetime supply of something else…)

It seems that the few protein bars on the market that actually taste good are somehow lacking in nutrition:

Not enough protein, too many carbs, sketchy chemical ingredients, etc.

And it seems that the few protein bars on the market with the right macronutrients, aren’t worth eating because they taste like chalk or dirt.

Here’s a little secret:

No one actually eats protein bars because they taste good or because we enjoy them.

Most of us choke down protein bars in emergency situations out of necessity, not pleasure.

When a meeting runs long, when we’re too busy to leave our desks and grab real food, or when we’re traveling and don’t want to subject ourselves to the mysterious food-like substances served on planes, we grab a bar because it’s better than the alternative.

I tell my clients not to rely on protein bars, but to have them stashed for the times when they can’t get to real food.

It’s better to eat something – even if it’s a protein bar – and keep your blood sugar steady than to skip meals and let yourself get so ravenously hungry that you binge on everything in sight later in the day.

I want a protein bar that tastes good, is made with quality ingredients, AND fits my macronutrient needs.

So far, I’ve made do with low-sugar KIND bars (not enough protein, but at least made with all real food), Power Crunch Crisp bars (sometimes – the ingredients list is tragic), and that’s about it.

When a former trainer at my gym, Scott Dean, contacted me a few months ago to see if he could come sample his protein bars for our members, I quickly realized these bars already a reputation.

My colleagues told me how Scott used to deliver his homemade protein bars to them each week, individually wrapped in saran wrap, as part of his meal delivery service, Custom Fit Meals.

“They were the best bars I’d ever eaten,” they said.  “They’re really good.”

The same could not be said for the protein bars we sold at our front desk, which definitely fell into the “sketchy ingredients I can’t pronounce” category.

Could they live up to the hype?

Scott Dean, the creator of the protein bars, showed up at our gym with a small stock of sleek little black boxes labeled, “The Best Bar Ever.”

He explained that the bar got its name from people who tried the bar:

“This is the best bar ever!” was the most common thing people said after trying it for the first time, and the name stuck.

I’m just going to cut to the chase here:

I took one bite and my first words were, “OHMYGOSH it IS the best bar ever.  This is SO good!  And it smells like cake!”

(Scott told me the “cake”-like flavor and scent comes from the protein powder they use.  Holy yum.)

Ingredients Matter

I’m a sucker for ingredients I can see and pronounce.

“Packed with 15g of protein, this Gluten-Free bar is made from a nutritious blend of mixed nuts, dried fruit (cherries and cranberries), oats, premium proteins, honey, and molasses – all in balanced combinations.  This provides you with a perfect blend of healthy fats, quality carbs, and premium proteins.” – BestBarEver.com

And for those of you who track macros or are interested in these things, here’s the nutrition info for The Best Bar Ever:

The Best Bar Ever has become a regular part of my weekly nutrition.  

I bring my lunches to work with me most days, but a few hours later around 3 p.m., a Best Bar Ever with a hot green tea or an Americano is an amazing afternoon snack that I actually look forward to.

(Did I mention they taste like cake?!)

From now on, when people ask me, “What’s your favorite protein bar?” – this is my answer:

Where To Find Them

In the refrigerated case.

Yep, because they are made fresh weekly and don’t contain preservatives, they must be refrigerated.


  • Gold’s Gym International — various locations nationwide
  • The Fit Station — various stores in the Triad of North Carolina
  • Sportscenter Athletic Club — High Point, NC


You can order them FROM ME.

Click here to order The Best Bar Ever and have it shipped fresh right to your door!

Have you tried The Best Bar Ever?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!  I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of new flavors.  Word on the street is: Apple Pie and Blueberry Crisp.  I may die!  

In the spirit of full disclosure, the link above to BestBarEver.com is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a small commissions if you decide to purchase anything from Custom Fit Meals company, including The Best Bar Ever protein bars. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands!

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